Destroying a Painting!

"I have not failed, I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." - Thomas A. Edison

I know this may be hard to believe but as an artist, I deal with "failure" (or the feeling of failure I should say) all of the time. Nothing brings me down more than having an idea in my head and not being able to transfer it to a painting the way that I envision it. One example of this is an idea I had years about about a Darth Vader painting. My idea was to have Darth Vader, with his knuckles saying "Dark Side," a gangster Darth Vader if you will. Here was my first attempt:

I wanted nothing more than to destroy this painting!

I finally attempted my "genius" idea that I had dreamt about for years and I felt like I failed miserably. I kept it around for awhile only to stare at it in utter disgust. Sounds a little dramatic, I know, but my emotions are way too tied up in my art so anger, the feeling of failing, being hard on myself and frustration can often play a role with each and every painting I do.

I wanted to throw this painting away (after stabbing it with a knife a few times of course) however I couldn't bring myself to ever do that. As much as I hated it, it was still a little part of me and the first attempt of a concept I was excited about.

In a fit of rage and a few too many beers one night, I decided to completely paint over it and transform it into a different painting.

And just like that, it was gone! I would never have to look at my failure again!

But now what? I had to do the canvas justice by turning this into another painting. Out of nowhere, the idea of a dark looking unicorn came to mind (don't ask.) So away I went!

"Metallicorn" is now one of my most popular pieces and she would have never existed if I did take a leap of faith and destroy my painting.

I don't have any profound way to end this other than failure is inevitable but you just have accept it for what it is and take it upon yourself to turn it into something positive!

By the way, I did end up redoing my "Dark Side"concept and it's now one of my number one sellers!

May all your failures be great ones!!

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