A Step by Step Tutorial: How to paint this happy little tree...I mean Daisy.

As I was preparing a painting for today's "Art for Life" class at the senior center, I thought, "Hey, maybe others would like a quick tutorial on how to paint this painting (and future paintings.)"

You never know when you will need to paint a Daisy in life!

I wanted to do a painting that was simple and had the feeling of summer transitioning to fall (hence all the orange.) I've posted photos and brief instructions below.

I can't stress enough that when painting, you don't need to copy this tutorial exactly. If you want a green background and purple daisy then do it! Make it your own and have fun with it!

Step 1: You will need a canvas or piece of paper (any size,) One large brush and one small brush, a pallet or paper plate (nevermind my overly used pallet), cup of water, paper towel and paints.

I used acrylic paint colors: orange, white, brown, green and yellow.

Step 2: Using your large paintbrush, paint the entire background orange.

I mixed my paint with water to thin out the paint and create a streaked look.

Step 3: I used the small brush and created a very light outline with just water. You'll want to paint an oval/circle for the middle of the flower and the first layer of petals. Make sure to space the petals out so you can paint the second layer of petals overlapping the first layer.

Yikes that sounded confusing. Reference the below picture and hopefully it will make sense!

Step 4: With your small brush, paint the outline of all of the petals with brown. Then using your larger brush, fill in the petals with white.

You will actually want to paint over some of the brown, this will create a more delicate effect to your petals.

Once all of the petals are filled in, your daisy should look like this. (or something similar.)

Step 5: Time to go brown crazy! Take your small brush and paint small brown lines at the base of each petal. Then outline the center of the flower in brown focusing towards the bottom.

You can use a little bit of water and your brush to smudge out the brown so that it doesn't look too harsh and blends nicely.

Step 6: It's Yellow's turn to make an appearance.

Using your small brush, paint the center of the flower yellow.

You will want to make sure you don't cover up all of the brown at the bottom because this serves as a shadow.

Step 7: Just when you thought we were done with brown...make little brown dots/smudges with your small brush in the center of the flower.

You can do as little or as many as you'd like, this just adds some texture.

Step 8: This is an optional step but I wanted to make the top layer of flower petals look more prominent so I outlined just the base of them with some more brown.

If you prefer a more delicate, whimsical look then you can skip with step.

Step 9: Almost done! You'll want to take your green paint and paint one long stem (using your small brush of course.)

Step 10: You made it! The last step! take a little bit of yellow and highlight your stem.

I focused on the left side of the stem because that's where the light would hit it.

And PRESTO! You have a little daisy to call you own!

I hope you all enjoyed this. If you decided to attempt this painting, I would LOVE to see your creation! Please post a photo of it in the comments below. Also, if you have any requests for my next tutorial then please comment and let me know!

#canvas #teaching #art #acrylic #tutorial #flower #daisy

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