Who am I? I'm Jessyca Myers!

Hello. My name is Jessyca and I'm an Artaholic.

My love for art started when I was just a wee little thing. I always got excited about the idea of playing with paint and mixing the colors to make my own shades. Creating the "perfect shade of blue" is a victory in itself. The very first painting I attempted was of Mufasa from "Lion King," when I was 8 years old. I have always been attracted to Disney animation because it's just so darn magical!

"Pride Rock"

Nowadays, I paint completely random things that inspire me at the time most of which end up being slightly on the nerdy side. You can check out more of my creations here www.Artbyjessycamyers.com

You can also follow me here:

Facebook Facebook.com/artbyjessycamyers

Instagram @Art_By_Jessyca

Exhibit A of my inner nerd:

"Dark Side"

"Stroll Through Endor"

"Rebel Scum"

"Jabba's Palace"

I met a celebrity in Vegas!

But enough about my art for now, there will be plenty more art posts to come!

Let's focus on my main job for a second. I am a mother to one human, two cats and a dog. I am also the wife to a wonderful man who is quite skilled at putting up with me and my "awesomeness." (roll eyes here.)

Typical mother daughter moment

Patsy and M'Lady

Meet Darla


What's that you say?

You want to hear more fun facts about me?

- I was born and raised in Orange County, CA and moved to Nashville almost 2 years ago and I have yet to say "y'all".

- I am a beer and buffalo wing enthusiast.

- I (not so secretly) want to be a mermaid.

- I eat a whole lemon with salt almost every day (yes, I still have teeth somehow.)

- I like my popcorn burnt.

- I don't like cake or cupcakes or most sweets in general.

- Why are all my facts about food?

- I love glitter and think that it should be more socially acceptable for adults to cover themselves in.

- I mainly listen to punk music.

- I take notes while watching "Shark Tank" like I am in school or something... which leads me to my next segment...

What's Next?

Like most of us, I want to be my own boss and also have the creative freedom to take my business in any direction I please. This means that I am constantly trying new ideas both creative and business wise and like to think that some are interesting enough to share with you all. (Not to be mistaken with "Ya'll")

My most current adventure is that I have recently been teaching art classes at a couple local senior centers. I won't give any spoilers because my next post will be completely focused on that but let's just say it's the most heart warming, joyful, emotional and often comical experiences I've been blessed to have.

I look forward to sharing my journeys with you and I hope that my posts will help make your bathroom trips more enjoyable!


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